We all know that men are visual. This is the video you have been waiting for. The Every Manís Battle Video study is created to be an integral part for you and your ministering to men when it comes to living a life of sexual integrity. The book, workbook and video make a complete resource designed to help you win the war on sexual temptation Ė for yourself and the men in your community.

It should go without saying that the messenger plays an important role in delivering the message. If you are currently failing in the battle for sexual purity, you cannot expect to have any authority (which can only be found in Christ) to lead other men on this mission. First and foremost, you as the leader, must be clean Ė not perfect, but clean. If you are living with victory in this area then we encourage you to lead other men in the battle for their sexual integrity.
This practical 8-week series for men provides:
Realistic help straight from Godís Word
A special focus on the standard set by God in Ephesians 5:3 ďThere must not be even a hint of sexual immorality.Ē
A battle plan to live a pure life Godís way